My blog is an amateur's guide to growing herbs in Brisbane. I am definitely no Don Bourke: my chives are a little sun burnt, my coriander is still waiting for its growth spurt, my basil is flowering (uh oh!), and my mint....well, my mint is attempting herb domination and invading the tiny amount of cramped soil space at my 1m x 1m balcony on Lower Bowen Terrace. Despite the drama, I have had some success and my herbs are still alive. All the photos on my blog are from my balcony (except the roaming rosemary below; that belongs to my mum's wild garden).

Bit squishy? 

If you live in an apartment, or don't have any garden space at home, I've recently discovered Brisbane has some well-blossomed community gardens where you can volunteer your harvesting skills (or lack of). 

After walking past the community garden at West End (near the markets) every Saturday for a few months, I finally stopped to admire their foliage and find out what it's all about. Here's what's happening:

  • Spiral Gardens West End have gardening working bees on the weekends and during the week. Let them know if you are keen, and then you can come along whenever the gardening urge hits. And, if you get your hands dirty, you get to take home the fruit, veg, herbs, and whatever other sprigs you may find!

  • Northey Street City Farm is Brisbane's largest community farm, located in Windsor. There's a big garden that grows fruit and veg, which are sold at their Sunday organic market, as well as chickens, orchards, and a nursery.

Let your rosemary roam free...

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